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Welcome! I’m Sage. I’m here to help you become grounded within yourself, and support you in your journey of realizing your authentic self and living the life you’ve always knew was possible, but haven’t been quite sure how to get there.

I’ve been told that the work I do is “Rooted Reiki”. 

This soul journey began for me at a really young age. It’s honestly hard for me to think of a “start date”. I’ve always felt energy more intensely than anyone I grew up around. I saw spirits and connected with them. When I was a child and told an adult a story about a friend of mine that they couldn’t see it was assumed “play” with an imaginary friend. This didn’t bother me at all. Now it’s just interesting to look back on. 

I was adopted at birth. When I was an early teen, I was upset my birth mom had gone through with the pregnancy and had me. At the time, all I could see was how hard my life was. It was a struggle being queer, and attending a conservative, Christian high school. One of the teachers even told me I was going to hell. I never felt like I fit in. There was even a point in time where I felt that death would be easier than trying to keep pretending that I was someone I wasn’t and hiding. But of course I couldn’t have be more wrong about that.

What my birth mother went through must have been so difficult. She was 17 when she had me and her family was religious. If she did all that for me, for one person that she probably would never see again, then I must be here for a reason. The moment I realized that was the moment I made the decision to make my life matter. I wanted to live for more than just myself.

When I was in high school and having a tough time, my dad sent me to my first Reiki healing. I’m so glad that he saw that’s what I needed. It was an experience that changed my world. And showed me that my “knowing” could be used for something amazing and so helpful for so many people. I knew after my first session that it was something I’d love to do as a profession. 

However, that path was anything but linear. 

My teenage years continued to be difficult and although I started to be more true to myself into my early adulthood there were still times when I seemingly “lost myself” due to overconsumption of substances in order to try to escape myself and any feeling that made me feel uncomfortable. In my early twenties, soon after moving in an apartment I had to myself for the first time, I started to read books on energy healing and the energy centers, also known as chakras. One of the healers I saw mentioned the term “Reiki” and something about that word made me curious. I started googling and reading even more books. I ended up finding two beautiful healers in Irving Park, Marie and Delphina of Zaanti Reiki, where I got my training in Reiki and took all of the other supporting classes they had to offer. I’m lucky enough to still have them in my circle today, which is such a blessing. They’re amazing and feel like family to me now. 

For a few years, I went back and fourth in offering healing sessions to people in a professional way. But I was also working draining jobs that were keeping me from my passion. And I was in an abusive relationship that had me feeling like I had no right to be a healer.

Then I was told by a mentor of mine, and fellow healer, Claire Mooney of Magnolia House, that I was doing a disservice to myself and the world. That really woke me up and made me think. She was so right. I was hurting myself, stunting my growth, and by not showing up for myself, I wasn’t showing up for others. I could be making waves. I wasn’t even allowing myself to make ripples.

I got back into my personal practice: My meditations. Connecting with myself and Spirit and my guides. I started working out of Magnolia House. It felt like I had returned home; where I was always meant to be. 

I am now wholly here to serve those that know there is more for themselves out there. Those that want to tap into that inner power that has always been theirs, but need to be reminded and supported in their process. I am here to serve as a light for others. 

I’m here to support your growth. 

It’s not an accident that you’re reading this. 

Welcome to my “process”.

In this space, I’ll be getting up close and personal with myself. I’ll be sharing my reflections and revelations. Answering questions I get about energy and Spirit and the work that I do.

I’ll be sharing my evolution in becoming a better human, in hopes to help you to also become a better human.



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