My Magical Session with Ashley Wood

My session with Ashley Wood was magical, just as I knew it was going to be. 

I had booked a session with her because of something specific. I have been making some really big changes in my world since October of last year. Or at least, that’s when inspiration first came, anyway. The follow-through came at the beginning of this year. I took my time with the actions because I wanted to “make sure” I was making the right choices.

Everything felt very aligned and the universe has had my back thus far.... 

I had also been wanting to get more clear on what it is exactly sets me apart from other healers and energy practitioners. Just to be clear, I know I’m unique and special. I’ve always felt different in many ways. Growing up as a queer kid in a religious school and then spending most of my life uncomfortable in my own body and not knowing what exactly to do about it, having depression, anxiety, spending my adult life figuring out how I can be a better human and seek healing my trauma and learning how to heal myself - for whatever reason I exist here and I believe it’s for a really great and amazing purpose. I just didn't know how to put that into words to help explain to people how my healing work could be helpful to them.

My question to Ashley / The Pinnacle was: What is my soul’s purpose?

The answer I received explained it beautifully. But was also a 30 minute answer, so I’ll write the more condensed version of course.

So - “what is my soul’s purpose?”

The first thing that she said was that my guides are giving me a gentle nudge to step into what I am. Physically and Spiritually. That I’m operating from half and it’s time to step into the true essence that is “me”.

She said my being a practitioner is turning into something else: What I give to others continues on. I plant seeds in people and help care for that budding seed that is helping them to heal, essentially. Empowering them. “Gardener of the Soul” - I’m here to support and cultivate their growth. 

She used the term “Rooted Reiki” - Working at the root, that grounding aspect. Allowing the healing energy to grow up the Chakra line. This especially made me smile because I immediately thought of all of the things I do every day in my life to help me feel grounded. My entire day revolves around me grounding myself, over and over, but I didn't realize because it feels so natural to me. I drink a specific, plant-based protein shake every day that helps me feel grounded. I work out every day to better ground myself. Cacao and maca are two things I consume the most in a day because of how they ground me. I carry black tourmaline and smokey quartz with me everywhere I go. Oh, and I'm always wearing my hematite bracelet. All grounding crystals. A few of my clients say that they see a red glowing light around themselves during sessions. And these are examples just off the top of my head! I do want to clarify that I'm not saying other chakras aren't important or that it's not necessary to connect to your third eye or throat chakra or anything. But I will say, and the Pinnacle also said, that people are extra focused on the higher chakras at the moment because they're trying to connect to Spirit real hard right now. Which is great, and so magical! And also makes grounding that much more necessary. In order to connect to Spirit, all that is, we need to come back to ourselves and be grounded and energetically connected to the Earth and our physical bodies. Sending an energetic cord down to the center of the Earth is necessary to open up your crown chakra and send that white light energy upwards to connect to all that is/our higher selves/Spirit. Alignment and Balance.

So,  for people that feel disconnected to themselves and their bodies - like I once did, I am here for them.

She told me I’ve made changes in everyone’s life I’ve come in contact with, without realizing it. I’ve been “planting seeds” in people all along. That I am the evolution of consciousness beginning at the root chakra. That I am important for the paradigm shift right now. And this is me stepping into my whole body. 

This session was just what I needed. The Pinnacle told me things I already know (as Ashley talks about on her podcast “Manifest This” pretty often) but that I absolutely needed to be reminded of. And some things that were said were things that feel so normal to me that I forgot that it’s something that makes me special. I’m so filled with gratitude after this experience.

I’d like to take a moment to thank my guides and the Pinnacle, that Ashley connects with, again, for their wisdom and support as I go through this process of accepting and embracing myself fully. 

I am absolutely here to be of service to those looking for support as they go on this amazing journey inwards, reconnecting with themselves, so they may also come closer to being their most authentic and best self every day. It is truly an amazing feeling to be here, right now.

This is a small glimpse at what my pivots have been in the past 5-6 months. I can’t wait to share in more detail with you what those moments were like and where it ended up leading me to.

Sending love and light energy to everyone reading this - Thank You.



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