Essential Oil Sprays


Custom Essential Oil blends are available and made after a consultation (price varies). Two staples are available to order on the site, no consultation necessary. These are the "Celestial Spray" & "Clearing Spray".

Celestial Healing Spray is created to clear and ground you, while giving you an empowerment boost. Made with rose water and a special essential oil blend, with a clear quartz crystal infused with Reiki, this magical juice is powerful and smells amazing. This one is a very powerful manifesting tool!


Clearing Spray does just what it says! It clears energy in a room/space or for your person. Made with Rose Water and Sage Oil, with a Reiki infused Quartz Crystal. It dissolves energetic chords that are weighing you down and that are causing you more harm than good. Perfect after a stressful day or after a day that is full of interations with other people! Absolutely necessary for empaths!


Pro tip - spraying your crystals with this spray gives them a clearing and energetic boost!

Perfect for on the go and for those that have sensativities to smoke. 

Celestial Spray
Clearing Spray
Custom Spray
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    2oz spray bottle, Rose water, Essential oil blend, Clear quartz crystal 

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    Flat-rate, padded envelope available. Shipping cost not included in price of item. Estimated cost of shipping in Checkout.

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